We are the experts in insurance trends market research.

Insurance Trends Research uses innovative approaches to understand software and product adoption trends in the insurance industry.  We talk directly with end-users to determine how they perceive and utilize software & services on a daily basis.


​We use innovative and cutting-edge, survey, statistical and visualization techniques to profile how perceptions of software solutions compare, allowing you to rapidly identify new insight 

Software usage characteristics

We are the leaders in profiling and segmenting software end-users and teams to help better align your products to insurance market segments and user needs based on real data we collect

Markety entry and growth

We dedicate our team's time to each project to deliver bespoke market research. We participate in numerous proprietary datasets to help forecast growth drivers and insurance industry trends

User experience 

We specialize in surveys, site observations, interviews and focus groups to measure and compare brand performance and experience to help identify opportunities to improve

Insurance Trends Research will help you reach your target market to understand their behaviors and needs.

What makes us different...


Each project is bespoke - we go out of our way to ensure we meet each client's specific needs and research objectives.

Deep Insights

Our client's tell us that we are able to provide differentiated insights, that help them define a true understanding of their customers.


We deliver findings faster than any of our competitors.  We're accustomed to rapid timelines and challenging research goals

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